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RCM Flow Meters – A direct reading flow meter with a large, easy to read dial. The Flo-Gage measures flow based on a pressure differential created across a built-in calibrated nozzle. Self-contained units measuring water, oil and most other low viscosity liquids. English English PDF
RCM Flo-Gard Flow Switches – RCM’s broad range of flow switches provide economical solutions for equipment protection and automation for critical processes in a variety of applications. English English PDF
Stud Solution – Stud Remover Tool - Easily and safely removes studs.
RCM Flow Transmitter – Economical single package solution includes sensor and transmitter.
English English PDF
RCM Air Survey Kit – Improve your operations by identifying and eliminating sources of leaks and waste English English PDF
Panx Yellow Chalk – Separating and lubricating agent to cover the moulds made of steel flats used to bend windscreens in temperatures above 650 C English English PDF
Personna American Safety Razor Single Edge Blades English English PDF
Personna American Safety Razor Injector Blades English English PDF
Personna American Safety Razor Carpet and Slitter Blades English English PDF
High Technology Screen Changer – The best filtration solution for any application. English